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Our organisation is committed to fostering trust and transparency within the leather industry. We champion the responsible production and accurate representation of high-quality, full-grain Italian vegetable-tanned leather—a unique material that gracefully matures and improves over time.

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Today, terms such as “vegetable-tanned leather”, “genuine leather”, “Italian leather”, and many others are frequently misused, either intentionally or inadvertently, creating a cloud of confusion in the market. Unscrupulous merchants exploit this ambiguity to their advantage, marketing their inferior products as high-quality goods.

This not only disadvantages honest, high-quality leather producers but also leaves the ultimate victims – the customers – at a loss. Customers believe they are paying a premium for high-quality leather products, only to encounter deep disappointment when the purchased goods prove mediocre at best.

This issue isn’t just about misleading marketing—it extends to eroding the trust inherent in each transaction and undermining the entire industry’s integrity.

To tackle this issue, our certification process employs rigorous standards that assess both the Quality and Sustainability of the leather. Quality, in our framework, encompasses the careful selection of the highest-quality raw materials, the craftsmanship involved, and the adherence to traditional tanning processes. Sustainability, on the other hand, is a commitment to ethical sourcing, social responsibility, the avoidance of hazardous chemicals, and robust waste and resource management. By upholding these stringent standards, we ensure a future for the leather industry that is both quality-driven and sustainable.

Our authenticity certificate validates the superior quality of sustainably produced Italian full-grain vegetable-tanned leather, distinguishing it as a unique, aesthetically appealing material that doesn’t merely withstand time, but even improves with it.

Cuoio Superiore History is Von Baer History

Cuoio Superiore (meaning superior leather in Italian) is the trademark used by the luxury leather goods brand Von Baer to indicate that high-quality leather of Italian origin is used in specific models of its products. Cuoio Superiore is a registered trademark of Von Baer OÜ.